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Solem Saje
19th Mar 2010, 5:51 PM

I was so correct about my burning out, it isn't even funny. If my meager audience hasn't dropped to nothing by now, I may simply wet myself in surprise. However, I've done exactly what I wanted to, what I needed to do, and have built a buffer of comics. I have literally penciled and hand-inked the first chapter of this story (roughly twelve pages), and have colored and finished the next one. Furthermore, I have committed to a more realistic (for me) schedule. You should be able to see above, in the title bar, that I'll be putting up one comic every weekend (generally before midnight, Saturday).

And bonus for you, my now-nonexistent readership, each page will be of better quality, and between two and three times the length! This isn't just an attempt to suck up to my abused audience, though it's also that, but it's simply a matter of necessity. Any gag comic with a sense of continuity needs space to make a joke that fits context.

So, bold new mission statement, or ripe new opportunity for failure?

That was a rhetorical question, damn it.

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