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Solem Saje
8th May 2010, 3:42 AM

Another week on time, to my own surprise and fascination.

Really, though, I'm getting into this! I'll have up to page twenty done by tonight (penciled and inked, not colored and finished, but it's still an accomplishment), which means months of guaranteed updates, in addition to the filler strips. In fact, once I reach a certain buffer and production point, we'll have twice weekly updates!

Not very soon on that last point, since I know just how bad my own inflated expectations can be, but I can safely make more modest promises.

And another thing- since I'm sure the hideous first two comics are scaring off potential readers, I will be re-posting them later as one strip, while turning the first page into a title splash of the first chapter.

Talk soon, so review and comment!

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8th May 2010, 4:26 AM

Very interesting.

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